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Freshen Your Washing Machine & Dishwasher

This NEW addition to the Plink brand expands the product line outside of the sink and drain, to appliances. Plink delivers a fresh and clean boost to your washing machine or dishwasher. Our innovative fragrance technology washes away foul odors, leaving your appliance and room with lasting freshness. A quick and effective washing machine and dishwasher freshener, Plink also removes buildup and odor-causing residue from the hidden parts of the machine. A quick and easy way to freshen your appliances!

4-Use Package

Plink® Washer & Dishwasher Freshener & Cleaner, Fresh Lemon 12-pk

SKU: RETAIL Plink Lemon 12Pk
  • Directions For Use

    Read entire label before using. For heavily fouled machines, follow instructions below using 2 tablets.

    Plink Your Washing Machine

    Not for use with clothing.

    • Place 1 tablet in empty drum.
    • Run washer on normal cycle using full load and hot water settings.

    Plink Your Dishwasher

    • Place 1 tablet in bottom of empty machine.
    • Load dishwasher as normal. Plink will neutralize odors as dirty dishes are loaded.
    • When ready to run dishwashing cycle, fill main dispenser with regular detergent.
    • Run dishwasher on normal cycle.

    Before Using: Check manufacturers’ suggested cleaning instructions and ensure all items are dishwasher safe. Not recommended for silver, painted glassware, painted mugs, aluminum, fine china or any enamel coated cutlery or cookware. Do not use with nonstick coated cookware or removable stovetop components.

    Works in all machines, including HE.

    Precautions And Safety

    • Avoid contact with eyes and skin.
    • Keep out of reach of children and pets.
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