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Glisten Washing Machine Cleaner & Freshener


Powerful, Safe & Versatile Cleaner

Glisten® Washing Machine Cleaner & Freshener is a powerful, safe and versatile washing machine cleaner and deodorizer that helps extend the life and enhance the performance of your washer. Glisten powerfully removes odor-causing residue and abrasive mineral buildup that reduces your washer’s cleaning effectiveness and damages clothing.

Our multi-action formula leaves no residue behind and effectively cleans door seals and detergent drawers, as well as hidden and hard-to-clean areas. Washing Machine Cleaner & Freshener contains no bleach or chemicals that can harm your washer or damage fabrics. Use monthly or as needed to keep your machine and laundry amazingly clean and fresh!


Natural Ingredients*, Powerful Washing Machine Deodorizer

Glisten Washing Machine Cleaner & Freshener is made with natural ingredients*, providing a powerful yet safe clean. Glisten’s unique formula is a powerful washing machine deodorizer, as it cleans the entire machine. Washing Machine Cleaner & Freshener is formulated without bleach or harsh chemicals and is machine and fabric safe. Glisten works in all washing machines and is plumbing and septic safe.

How Often to Use: Use weekly or as needed to remove buildup, freshen, improve efficiency and increase machine lifespan.

Non-Compatible Surfaces/Materials: Works in all washing machines, including HE units.

Performance Guaranteed. All of our products have a money–back guarantee, promising that every product will meet or exceed your expectations. If you’re not satisfied with product performance, mail your register receipt along with UPC to Summit Brands for a full refund.


*Contains 62% natural ingredients

Glisten® Washing Machine Cleaner & Freshener (3 use)

SKU: RETAILGlisten® Washing Mac 3use
  • Directions for Use

    Read entire label before using. Not for use with clothing.

    • REMOVE All clothing and items from washer.
    • ADD Place 1 tablet in empty drum. Do not place in dispenser.
    • RUN Washer on CLEAN WASHER or NORMAL cycle using full load and hot water settings.

    Precautions and Safety

    • Keep out of reach of children and pets.
    • Avoid contact with skin and eyes.
    • Do not ingest.
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