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Eliminates Smelly Dishwasher Odors & Hard Water Spots & Stains


Lasting Freshness for the Dishwasher & Whole Kitchen

Glisten®, The Machine Cleaning ExpertsTM, offers this innovative dishwasher detergent booster and freshener. It’s formulated with natural ingredients* that deliver lasting freshness to your dishwasher and whole kitchen. Use regularly between cycles to eliminate foul dishwasher smells caused by food and buildup.

Glisten Detergent Booster + Freshener also works with your detergent during the main wash cycle to remove hard water spots and stains from dishes and glassware. The multi-action formula keeps your dishwasher smelling fresh and your dishes and glassware sparkling clean.

Available in 28 oz



Glisten® Dishwasher Detergent Booster + Freshener 28oz

SKU: DEALERGlisten® DishwDetergent Booster
  • Directions for Use

    Read entire label before using.

    To Freshen and Remove Spots:

    • Start with an empty dishwasher.
    • Pour 1/4 cap of freshening powder into bottom of the machine.
    • Load dishwasher as normal. Glisten will neutralize odors as dirty dishes are loaded and keep your dishwasher smelling fresh.
    • When ready to run dishwashing cycle, fill main dispenser with regular detergent.
    • Run dishwasher’s normal cycle. Repeat as needed.

    To Clean Dishwasher:

    • For periodic removal of odor-causing buildup, start with an empty dishwasher.
    • Fill main dispenser with 1/2 cap of Glisten.
    • Run dishwasher’s normal cycle. Repeat as needed.

    NOTE: Check manufacturers’ suggested cleaning instructions and ensure all items are dishwasher safe. Not recommended for use on silver, painted decorative glassware or mugs, aluminum, enamel coated silverware, cutlery or cookware, fine china, or removable stove top components.

    Precautions and Safety

    • Do not mix with bleach.
    • Do not mix with any other cleaner or chemical.
    • Keep out of reach of children and pets.
    • Avoid contact with eyes and skin.
    • Do not ingest product.
    • Store in original container and reseal after each use.
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