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SFRF-2       SmartFIT® Refrigerator Filter 2-pack

Fits Frigidaire® WF2CB/EWF2CBPA | SPECIAL 12 per case - SFRF-2® 2-Pack

  • REPLACEMENT FILTER MODELS: This water cartridge is a replacement for WF2CB, PureSource2, EWF01, EFF-6018A, 241988703, 46-9911, 46-9916, FC100, NGFC2000, EWF2CBPA, EFF-6029A, MB-100, WP2CBMB, 9916P, 9911P, SWF2CB, EWF2CB02, FC300, MBFC2003 218732309A, AP2538969, PS503621, PS898865, PS2369689, EAFWF01, and ELUXCOMBO.

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